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One would say what in the World is going on as we see that things are changing so quick as the life on earth is heading for a collision course with destiny. Now few us will not grip on but some would its a choice we all must come to understand the real meaning .As we turn on our radios and televisions we see so much is happening around us as more and more life as we know it to  see the crime rate and change of weather climate and nations in perplex  all it takes is press of the button and its over or is it ?. the future is truly far beyond our understanding and you may ask this  is life on earth standing on a time bomb is the clock is ticking and the final warning is here . Hi my name is pastor RON  of the Fire and Rock Ministry of Praise I want to let you know that God has a plan for your life and its in his son Jesus .Jesus walk on this earth and told about the things that are about to take place and how he will return and set up the kingdom of God. Yes friends Jesus is coming back soon and its time for the church to arise and let its enemies be scattered . Maybe today you may feel alone and hurt if you need prayer please contact me by My Email  Remember God is on your side .

As a pastor of seventeen yrs i have travel the world preaching on the kingdom of God and telling others  about the love of God and giving the testimony of his wonderful plan 

if you like to know more about the ministry you can email me at

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